Walkie Talkie 2-Way Radio Rental

Daily, weekly and monthly rates for 2-way radio rentals

Moving Picture is the “go to” company for all your walkie talkie rentals. We ship radio equipment rentals overnight, all around the world. Place your orders any time of the day or night. Ask and you shall receive. Our principal belief at Moving Picture is “All Things Possible at All Times.” Every member of the Moving Picture Team carries a cell phone, and is available 24/7.
Rent 1 radio, rent 500 radios! Rent 1 day or 500 days! Just let us know your radio rental needs, and we will make it happen!

All two way radio rentals are shipped in Professional Pelican® waterproof cases.

Ask for any accessory!
  • FBI Style ear mic systems for that “undercover look”
  • Noise Canceling headsets
  • Handmics
  • Spare Batteries ( FREE! )
There are three simple ways to order all of your walkie talkie needs.
  • Click Quote Request button and fill out our easy online form.
  • Click above follow the 3 clicks to hear back from our sales representative within 24hrs.
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Motorola CP200 16 Channel Walkie Talkies
Motorola CP200 Walkie Talkies ...
These 16 channel walkie talkies are top of the line, powerful, durable, and considered THE industry leader.
Surveillance/FBI Headsets
FBI Headsets ...
Un-obtrusive "surveillance"- style in-ear listening and talk-back accessory for the Motorola CP200 walkie talkie. Perfect for low-profile situations.
Standard Headsets
Standard Headsets ...
adjustable over-the-head style headsets for easy communication "without the sqwualk."
High-Noise Headsets
High Noise Headsets ...
When working in high-noise environments such as concerts it is especially important to communicate clearly. These headsets provide added outside noise reduction for such occasions.
6-Bank Chargers
6-Bank Chargers ...
The standard 6-walkie charger ships with most orders where it is important to charge a large quantity of walkies at one time.
Single Chargers
Single Chargers ...
For those occasions where only a single walkie needs to be charged, Moving Picture also offers single chargers.