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New HD Camcorders At MPES!
ARRI Alexa HD Camera

Making the switch from traditional filmmaking to the digital realm, ARRI has continued to produce products that put them on the front lines of professional camera systems. Also known as the "RED killer," the new ARRI Alexa promises to bring its best digital solution to the table. Utilizing current seamless workflow technology from Sony, the Alexa can shoot on SxS cards or to external recording devices in either ProRes 4:2:2 or ProRes 4444, 1080P or 2k, simplifying the process both on set, as well as in post. Designed with current ARRI accessories in mind and the ability to upgrade in a variety of ways as the technology evolves, The Alexa will be available from Moving Picture as soon as August 2010.

ARRI Alexa HD Camera for rent from Moving Picture Miami
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Canon 5D Mark II Digital SLR for Cinematography

Canon has updated the wildly popular full frame EOS 5D, and it's better than ever. It supports Live View shooting, Live View HD videos, and more. Coupleing the creative power of a full-frame 24 x 36mm CMOS sensor in a compact and affordable camera body, together with groundbreaking HD video capture, Canon's EOS 5D Mark II Digital SLR camera can capture 21.1-megapixel still images as well as full HD video clips at 1920 x 1080 resolution.

Canon 5D Mark II for rent with Cinerig from Redrock
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Phantom HD - Highspeed 2K HD Camera

With its new 2,048 X 2,048 active pixel CMOS sensor, Vision Research introduces the advantages of high-speed digital imaging to the world of 2K and HD media production. This new Phantom is not just a high-speed camera, but an instrument that gives the cinematographer 35mm depth of field either at HD or 2K resolutions! The Phantom HD now combines the visual quality of high-definition imaging with the high frame rates of specialty cameras. The Phantom HD allows you to select any frame rate from 1 to 1,000 fps in increments of one frame per second at HD resolution. The HD has allocated formats for standard HD 16:9 (1920 X 1080 pixels) and 35mm mopic at 1.85:1 using an active pixel area of 25.6mm x 13.85mm (2048 X 1108 pixels) making this camera fully compatible with all 35mm equipment as well. The HD can be configured for "live" broadcast or studio production and has a continuous video output that includes HD (720p, 1080p, 1080i) standards.

phantom hd camera
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panasonic hdx900

Panasonic AJ-HDX900 DVCPRO HD
(Body Only)
This full 2/3" DVCPRO HD camcorder records pristine 100Mbps HD images in any of 11 video formats, encompassing 60Hz and 50Hz production. With 1080i, 720p, 24p and 25p capabilities, the AJ-HDX900 is perfect for long-form HD programming and an invaluable tool for digital cinematography, cable and television production in any format, sports and events, for globetrotting documentarians and feature crews, and for the rental companies that serve them. The HDX900 boasts three CineGamma modes to replicate the look and feel of film. Built-in IEEE 1394 digital output helps lower the cost of HD production by allowing you to directly transfer HD video to nonlinear editing systems or other VTRs. Standard HD SDI output is included for monitoring and line recording. Built-in downconverter produces a SD output, allowing the use of low-cost standard definition accessories.
$950/day (Includes body, lens and batteries)

The Sony PMW-EX3
offers all the great features of the PMW-EX1 in a new semi-shoulder design. In addition, the camcorder also features an interchangeable lens system, genlock, timecode and remote control capability for real added flexibility, offering a low-cost HD studio solution.
The PMW-EX3 combines a state-of-the-art, non-linear XDCAM workflow with simply the best HD quality yet seen in a semi-shoulder camcorder. It is also the first semi-shoulder camcorder to carry the legendary CineAlta 24P brand with multiple frame rate recording capability such as 59.94i, 50i, and native 23.98P, as well being 1080i/720P switchable.

Sony PMW EX3
sony ex1

The Sony PMW-EX1
is the first in a new range of professional HD products - called XDCAM EX - which record onto memory-based SxS ExpressCard media. Designed from the ground up to exploit the ultimate high performance of SxS PRO memory cards, the PMW-EX1 combines a state-of-the-art, non-linear XDCAM workflow with simply the best HD quality yet seen in a compact camcorder. It is also the first handheld camcorder to carry the legendary CineAlta 24P brand with multiple frame rate recording capability such as 59.94i, 50i, and native 23.98P, as well being 1080i/720P switchable.

The Sony HVR-Z1U
features three developed Super HAD 1/3" CCDs. These 16:9 native CCDs, combined with a high quality 12X Optical Zoom Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar® T* Lens and Sony's 14 bit A/D and DXP Digital Extended Processor, result in precise image acquisition with superb detail and clarity. The advanced CCD design allows more light to reach the pixel imager, reducing video noise and improving the signal-to-noise ratio. The HVR-Z1U records this exceptional imagery using the recently adopted HDV 1080i format onto a DVCAM™ mini cassette.

sony z1u
Panasonic AG-HVX200

The Panasonic HVX-200
, a hand-held, high-definition video camera that combines high and standard-definition formats, multiple recording modes and frame rates, along with solid state P2 memory. The HVX200 offers variable frame rate capability, providing the cinematic expression of higher-end cameras like the Panasonic VariCam® AJ-HDC27. In 720p mode, the HVX200's frame rate can be set from 24p/30p to any of 20 steps between 12p and 60p, allowing for undercranking/ overcranking for fast or slow-motion effects in 720P. These effects can be dubbed to a DV tape after recording to offer some unique capabilities in the SD mode.


Panasonic BT-LH900A comes equipped with two SDI inputs automatically detecting HD or SD, one component input (Y/Pb/Pr or RGBS), and one composite input. The new Video/CineGamma Conversion Table and built-in waveform monitor function support HD production when using the popular Panasonic VariCam HD Cinema Camera. It easily mounts atop the VariCam and other cameras as well. Also convenient is the separate control panel that can be mounted on the top, side, or bottom of the monitor.


studio editing recorder with Digital Betacam and MPEG IMX formats legacy playback. Capable of Recording and playback HDCAM 1080/59.94i, 50i, 25PsF, 29.97PsF, 23.98PsF and 24PsF formats. 3-2 pull down is available by using option board HKDW-104. A color LCD panel on the control panel displays various type of information including audio level meter and time data. The LCD unit also displays video when playback or recording. Built-in down converter enables to output 480/59.94i or 576/50i. Also Up converter enables 1080/59.94i or 1080/50i HD output from Digital Betacam or MPEG IMX tape playback.

sony hdwd1800
sony dvw a500

Sony DVW A500 features Digital Betacam and Betacam SP playback capability, pre-read capability for video and audio, serial digital V/A interface (SMPTE 259M) along with built-in Component analog video and audio interfaces, and an optional Composite analog input (BKDW-505). Built-in A/D and D/A converters for both audio and video signals allow for direct interfacing with analog equipment.

The Latest Wireless Technology for rent
Canatrans Transmitter

UHF transmitter for film or video applications - this is it - hands down! Highest power in its class for unprecedented transmission range. Over 1000 ft. line-of-sight. Variable RF power levels, variable video and audio gain, video absent notification and wide range input voltage. The CanaTrans® is now the UHF transmitter of choice with hundreds of users worldwide! Leading rental houses and camera operators are already enjoying the vast benefits of this new device.

Sound Devices 744T 4 channel Audio hard drive recorder with time code. The 744T records to its internal 40 GB hard drive, removable Compact Flash cards, external Fire Wire drives, or any combination of the three. With sample rates between 32 kHz and 192 kHz plus full read/write time code, the 744T is the perfect tool for any critical recording environment. Sound Devices 744T audio recorder
Lectrosonics Super-miniature belt-pack

Lectrosonics SM Super-Miniature Digital Hybrid Wireless UHF Belt Pack Transmitter
Lectrosonics sets a new standard for size, power, reliability and functionality with the ultra miniature SM transmitter. Not much bigger than two AA batteries, the 100 mW SM packs all user controls onto a control panel that includes an LCD, four switches for adjusting operating frequency and modulation level, and modulation and power indicators.


Phonak - Invisible earwig

Phonak - Invisible RF wireless ear wigs Invisible Wireless in ear monitoring by Phonak. Provides silent playback up to 200 feet!

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