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The Insider’s Guide to Filming In South Florida

In this guide you’ll learn everything you need to know about shooting your film in South Florida, like a local!

Make your shoot the best it can be

Make your shoot the best it can be.

With this guide you’ll learn:

  • How to choose your location wisely, taking into consideration the “give and take” of shooting in Dade County’s vs. Broward County.
  • How to navigate your way through the permitting process. We’ll teach you about each county’s own rules and how to speed up the process.
  • How to plan around and wait out South Florida’s ever-changing weather.
  • How to find top-talent professional crews that remain committed to working in South Florida.


As a BONUS we include expert information on truck rentals, airport facts, sales tax exemptions, and the area’s film offices.

Who’s the “Insider’s Guide to Filming in South Florida” for?



Who are overwhelmed with hiring, managing, and ramping up productions from scratch and keeping them on budget.
Any Industry Professional

Any Industry Professional

Those looking to shoot in South Florida, and who are seeking the knowledge to be able to do so without complications.


Who are facing tight deadlines for shooting images for ad agencies and Fortune 500 marketing departments in Florida companies.
Directors of Photography

Directors of Photography

Who can benefit from our deep knowledge of camera, grip, and lighting equipment.

Why you need this guide. Welcome to South Florida.

With locations that can double for such far-flung locales as Australia or Brazil, South Florida is perfectly positioned to serve TV and feature film productions.

We don’t want the experience of shooting in our area to be an unfathomable mystery. Our goal is to give you all you need to know about shooting in South Florida.

For example: did you know that South Florida counties and cities are still offering incentives to filmmakers to entice them to the areas like Dade County?

Why you need this guide

Shooting a commercial in South Florida.

That’s why we’ve created “The Insider’s Guide to Filming in South Florida”, so you can have all the detail s of everything we’ve learned over the years as filmmakers.